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Oil Flushing Unit

This unit is perfect for filtering oil tanks and differentials from mobile equipment during the service interval. A variety of filter elements provide the flexibility to achieve the desired cleanliness level. Custom design loop carts are also available. Water removal elements can also be utilized in this cart.

Industrial Hydraulic Filter Cart (IHFC)
Industrial Hydraulic Filter Cart is designed to provide filtration, flushing and transfer of oil from drums to hydraulics reservoir or vise versa.

Industrial Oil Flushing Unit
This unit is designed to clean up oil to a specific cleanliness level. This can also be used for transferring oil from one tank to another. Commonly used for bulk oil and diesel system to control the ingression of particles into the system during filling or topping up oil or fuel tank.
Recommended Applications: Power Plants (Turbine Oil), Steel Mills and Paper Pulps

Bulk Oil Filtration System
This system produce immediate result and showing continued improvement in ISO cleanliness rating. Industrial will see less downtime after filtering of the new oil when oil was schedule for change. Kidney Loop filtering time during preventive maintenance is also significantly reduced. This provides an excellent saving and improves productivity through clean oil.
Bulk Oil Filtration Brochure
Solutions for Bulk Liquid Filtration Brochure

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