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Donaldson product literature is now available on-line! Check out the list below and download your selections. You can also order literature via email at

Powercore Filtration
PDF PSD Air Cleaners with PowerCore™ Filtration Technology
PDF Donaldson PowerCore™ G2 Filtration Technology for Intake Systems
PDF Featured Replacement Parts: Original PowerCore Featured Product
PDF Technical Paper by D. Adamek, Methods for Reducing Air Intake Systems
PDF 1999-2003 Ford F250-550 or Excursion 7.3L Diesel Engine AIS Kit

Air Filtration
PDF Air Filter Field Test Training & Procedures
PDF FKB Two-stage Air Cleaners
PDF Donaldson P153551 vs. Luber-finer LAF3551
PDF ECO and ECOLITE Air Cleaner/Filters
PDF Spiracle™ Crankcase Filtration Systems
PDF Calculating Engine Air & Exhaust Flow
PDF Installation - STB Strata® System
PDF Service Instructions - Radial Seal SSG Air Cleaners
PDF Service Instructions - Axial Seal STG and SRG Air Cleaners
PDF Service Instructions - Radial Air Cleaner E & F Series
PDF Service Instructions - XRB Air Cleaner
PDF Service Instructions Axial Seal FHG, FVG Air Cleaners
PDF Service - Axial Seal, Single Stage Air Cleaner
PDF Service & Install_DuraLite Air Cleaner Service
PDF Service Instructions - FKB Air Cleaner
PDF Airflow Restriction and Affects in Engine Intake System
PDF Donaldson Air Filter Service Indicators & Gauges
PDF Air Cleaner Vacuator™ Valves
PDF Full-View Pre-Cleaner
PDF Donaspin Pre-Cleaner
PDF Air Inlet Hoods
PDF Air Ram™ Inlet Hood
PDF Rubber Elbows and Connectors for Intake Systems
PDF Stack Extensions, Intake Tubing and Breathers
PDF Air Cleaner Mounting Bands-Metal
PDF Hose and T-bolt Clamps
PDF Charge Air Connectors
PDF Featured Replacement Parts: Engine Air Filters
PDF TopSpin™ Pre-Cleaner Extends Air Filter Life
PDF Donaldson XRB Air Cleaners
PDF SSG Heavy-Duty Air Cleaners for Off-Road, Severe Dust Environments
PDF Ultra-Web® Technology In Engine Aftermarket Products
PDF CATALOG Engine Intake Systems (item F110027-16 MB)
PDF Installation Instructions - SRG to SSG Air Cleaner
PDF Technical Article - Spiracle™ Crankcase Filtration
PDF Dust Dumpa Tube Extensions for SRG, SSG and PSD Air Cleaners
PDF SRG Air Cleaner to SSG Air Cleaner Conversion Kit Instructions

Lube/Oil Filtration
PDF Diagnostic Tools for Engines & Industrial Equipment
PDF Engine Lube and Hydraulic Oil Analysis Program
PDF Featured Replacement Parts: Engine Lube, Fuel & Coolant Filters
PDF Lube & Fuel Filters for Popular Truck Engines
PDF Eng. Aftermarket Engine Liquid Capabilities
PDF The Donaldson P559000 Lube Filter

Fuel Filtration
PDF Donaldson Twist&Drain™ Fuel Filters for Cummins Engines
PDF Donaldson Fuel Cartridges for DAVCO® Fuel Pro® 380/382/482 Elemax®
PDF Donaldson Fuel Filters with Twist&Drain™ for Racor® Fuel Systems
PDF Fuel Filtration Reality Check Technical Article
PDF Donaldson Synteq™ Media for Fuel Filters
PDF Fuel Filter Water Separators & Head Assemblies
PDF Emerging Challenges of Fuel Filtration - Technical Article

Coolant Filtration
PDF Donaldson Endurance Plus Coolant
PDF Donaldson SCA Coolant Filters

Extended Service Filtration
PDF Twice The Distance Guarantee for Donaldson Endurance™ Lube Filters
PDF A Simple, Reliable Solution that Maintains Oil Quality in EGR Diesel Engines
PDF Article; Ultra-Web Media, Marking a Media Milestone
PDF Donaldson Endurance™ Cross Reference
PDF Donaldson Endurance™ Cost Saving Worksheet-Air only
PDF Donaldson Endurance™ Air Filter Brochure
PDF Donaldson Endurance Cost Saving Worksheet
PDF Engine Lube Filter Media Comparison
PDF Twice The Distance Guarantee for Donaldson Endurance™ Air Products

Material Safety Data Sheet
PDF Donaldson SCA Coolant Liquid MSDS
PDF Donaldson SCA+ Coolant Filters MSDS
PDF Donaldson Coolant Filters w/DCA-4 MSDS
PDF Donaldson SCA Coolant Filters MSDS
PDF Donaldson SCA+ Coolant Liquid MSDS
PDF Donaldson Endurance™ Plus Lube Oil Filters MSDS
PDF Donaldson Endurance™ Plus Coolant Filters MSDS

Mobile Hydraulic Filtration
Coming Soon.

See More Hydraulic Products in Industrial Hydraulics

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